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The trust (consisting mainly of senior local and expatriate staff) has been set up to oversee special projects that are related to development of the infrastructure and facilities to improve student welfare and safety. Details of the Trustees and how to make donations are given below.

There are many projects that need support. Some require significant funds, while a great deal can be done with a relatively small amount of financial support.

First projects are for:
• A 2.4 km ring fence around the main Mazengo campus (Why do we need a fence – Click here)
• Student Residences (Why do we need student residences – Click here)
• General infrastructure improvements (Why do we need this – Click here)
• A one-off donation to clear loans taken out to establish and restore the teaching facilities (Why do we need this – Click here)

A pamphlet has been prepared which can be downloaded, printed and distributed by Friends of St John’s, churches and other organisations.
There are three versions

Computer printer PDF version (4.5 Mb)
Version for Commercial Printers (4.5 Mb)
Smaller version for emailing (two pages) Page 1 and Page 2 (500kb)

Donations to the trust can be sent directly to St John’s University of Tanzania Foundation Trust (stating clearly that the money is for the Trust, and for which project), or via the Friends of St John’s organisations in England and New Zealand (where tax concessions are possible for certain projects).


  1. Professor Casmir Rubagumya.
    Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic.
    Casmir was previously Dean of Humanities at the University of Dodoma and has also worked at the University of Dar es Salaam
    Email: dvca@sjut.ac.tz
  2. Professor Yohana Msanjila.
    Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Finance, Planning and Administration.
    Email: dvcpfa@sjut.ac.tz
  3. Mr Paul Salaman, United Kingdom Church Missionary Society Mission Partner.
    SJUT Lecturer in Physics
    Paul has worked for many years in Tanzania. He has been at St John’s since it was established. His wife Christine works for the Anglican Province of Tanzania
    Email: psalaman@sjut.ac.tz
  4. Mrs Rachel Pallangyo Masibo.
    Associate Dean, Nursing Studies
    Rachel teaches in the School of Nursing Studies. Rachel is Coordinator for Clinical Nursing, and has a BSc in Nursing and Surgery, and a MSc in Nursing (Mental Health)
    Email: rmasibo@sjut.ac.tz
  5. Mr Daniel Wandera.
    Ag. Director, Directorate of Planning and Development
    Email: dpd@sjut.ac.tz
  6. Professor Cliff Studman, Short Term Mission Partner, New Zealand Church Missionary Society.
    Honorary Professor of Research, SJUT
    Cliff makes regular visits to St Johns, where he assists with University Policy, Staff Development and Research. His wife Irene assists with the English Resource Centre.
    Email: cstudman@sjut.ac.tz



The University seeks to be true to its founding principles, and to operate on Christian principles, but welcomes students and scholars from any faith or race.