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Research and Consultancy at St John’s University
The University encourages staff to undertake research in all areas consistent with the university’s vision and mission statements. We focus on research that helps ordinary people and communities in their daily lives.

Directorate of Research, Consultancy and Postgraduate Studies (DRCPGS)
The Directorate of Research, Consultancy and Postgraduate Studies is responsible for the management and monitoring of all research within the university, and for policy formulation and implementation in relation to research, consultancy, publications and research uptake.

The Directorate is involved with promoting research activity, and dissemination of research by SJUT staff to university stakeholders. This includes providing staff with information about research funding opportunities, training in proposal writing and project management, developing research uptake management and communication of research, as well as staff capacity building and academic development in research.

In addition the Directorate runs or contributes to workshops to improve overall academic quality in teaching and administration, as well as providing input to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

International Collaboration
The Directorate continues to develop links with organisations and individuals within and outside Tanzania to assist and promote research.

Committees and Supporters
The University Research and Consultancy Committee (URCC) and the University Internal Review Committee (IRC) function under the auspices of the Directorate. As well as full time staff, the Directorate is assisted by volunteers from around the world. Volunteers may be working in Tanzania or in their home country.

Postgraduate Research (Masters and PhD)
The Directorate supports and monitors the progress of SJUT staff pursuing Doctoral studies outside SJUT, and is responsible for the development and management of Masterate and Doctoral Research within SJUT.


Location and Contact Details
The Research Office is situated on the main University (Mazengo) campus in Dodoma, and was established as a separate Directorate in May 2012. It was re-merged with the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies in October 2013.

The DRC team:
Dr Angela Savage, Director
PhD (Health Science) University of South Africa; MSc (Nursing Education) University of South Africa; BSc (Nursing Education) University of South Africa

Mr Meja Kindimbo, Administrative Officer
MBA (Marketing), University of Wales Institute Cardiff; BA (Human Sciences in Communication) International Islamic University of Malaysia

Ms Sophrina Assey, Academic Publishing Editor
BSc (Environmental Sciences and Management) Sokoine University of Agriculture

Research Support and International Associate
Professor Cliff Studman, Honorary Professor of Research
PhD (Surface Physics) University of Cambridge; DipEd, Massey University; BSc (Hons) University of East Anglia

• All Communications to: drcpgs@sjut.ac.tz




The University seeks to be true to its founding principles, and to operate on Christian principles, but welcomes students and scholars from any faith or race.