Full name: PProf.Rubagumyarof. Casmir M. Rubagumya

Job title: Professor of Linguistics (specializing in sociolinguistics and language in education); St. John’s University of Tanzania.

Qualifications: Dip. Ed (Dar es Salaam Teachers’ College); B.A. (Ed.) Hons. (University of Dar es Salaam); M.A., Ph.D. (Lancaster University, U.K.)

Professional Profile
Casmir Rubagumya started his career as a secondary school teacher. He taught English at Tabora Girls’ Secondary School in Tanzania for six years (1973-1979). He then joined the University of Dar es Salaam in 1982 as a Tutorial Assistant. He worked at the University of Dar es Salaam for 26 years along the academic career path until he became associate professor in 2001. He held various leadership roles at the University of Dar es Salaam: Head of Department (1994-2000); Associate Dean, Academic (2003); Director of Student Services (2004-2008). In 2008 he moved to the University of Dodoma where he was appointed Principal of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (2008-2013). He was promoted to professor in 2012. In 2013 he was appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at St John’s University of Tanzania. He was Acting Vice Chancellor at St John’s University of Tanzania from November 2013 to September 2014. He has supervised many M.A. and Ph.D. candidates over the years.

Casmir Rubagumya’s main research interests are in language education and the role of language in teaching and learning, especially in multilingual societies; language and power; and language and gender. He has published widely in the field of language in education and has undertaken consultancy assignments in this area for several clients (see below). He took part as a lead researcher on school literacy in Tanzania in an international research project, Equal, in which five countries: U.K., Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania were involved. He was an adviser in the Language Supportive Textbooks (LaST) project in Rwanda. He is currently involved in the Language Supportive Teaching and Textbooks (LSTT) in Tanzania as one of the lead researchers. This project focuses on language supportive pedagogy aimed at helping learners to cope with a foreign language used as a medium of instruction.

Courses currently taught at St John’s University of Tanzania

LL216 - Registers of English

LL314 - Second Language Learning

Selected consultancies

  1. What Research Tells us About Language of Instruction in Tanzania. Report submitted to Canadian International Development Research Centre( IDRC) Nairobi office, March 1996.
  2. The Impact of English Language Teaching Support Project (ELTSP) on Levels of English Language Proficiency of Secondary School Learners: The University Screening Test. Submitted to the British Council, Dar es Salaam, January, 1997.
  3. Technical Appraisal of Teaching English Language Improvement Project (TELIP) (done jointly with Dr. Ann Brumfit) Submitted to ODA, Nairobi, February 1997.
  4. Language for Learning and Teaching in Tanzania. Phase 1 of the “Language Issues Consultancy” submitted to the Tanzanian Ministry of Education and Culture, October 1997 (done jointly with Kathryn Jones, Marilyn Martin-Jones and Jo Arthur).
  5. Language for Learning and Teaching in Tanzania. Phase 2 of the “Language Issues Consultancy” submitted to the Tanzanian Ministry of Education and Culture, May 1998 (done jointly with Kathryn Jones, Jo Arthur and Hermas Mwansoko.)
  6. Proposed Language Curriculum for Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). Submitted to KIST, January 1998.
  7. Social and Political Dimensions of Choosing the Language of Instruction. Teaching Materials Developed for the World Bank Institute, Human Development Group, Washington DC. February 2000.
  8. Evaluation of the Orientation Secondary Class in Zanzibar. Submitted to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, Zanzibar. ( done jointly with Pauline Rea-Dickins and John Clegg).
  9. Student Governance Systems and Practices in Tanzanian Universities. Submitted to Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) June 2010.