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SJUT Scholarship Fund.

St John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) is happy to inform the SJUT community, its alumni and friends of the SJUT Scholarship Fund. The SJUT's Scholarship Fund received its Certificate of Registration Number S.A.17403 under the Societies Act Cap.337[R.E.2002] on 04th April, 2011.

The formation of the Scholarship Fund came as a response to the implementation of cost sharing policy in various social services, including higher education. Since its establishment, St. John’s University of Tanzania has witnessed a big challenge of students who face difficulties to cope with the cost sharing requirement which is mainly caused by extreme income poverty, orphanage and other economic difficulties among students’ families. These difficulties in most cases lead to increasing school dropouts and endless leave of absence among students. It is due to this reason that the University had to formulate a scholarship fund to address these problems through charity. The Scholarship Fund is our answer to help Tanzanians achieve their goals in education!

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Bishop Donald Mtetemela, the Chancellor of St John’s University of Tanzania and the founder of the Scholarship Fund together with Bishop B. Courtney McBath, Patron and Inaugurator of the Fund.

Fund’s Rationale
Principally, the University Scholarship fund was formulated in order to assist students in one or more of the following categories.

  1. Potential new and returning students who need financial aid to top up the government bursaries in order to continue their university education;
  2. Outstanding students whose academic achievements qualify them for admission and scholarships at other distinguished universities, but who would benefit the campus and ultimately the Church in Tanzania more if we could keep them through merit-based awards; and
  3. Minority students (groups) who can bring a broader perspective to so many issues of community concern but who are often the ones least likely to have the means to attend University (such as disadvantaged societies/groups of bushmen and some Maasai);
  4. Orphans, albinos and other students with disability; and women who may have been left behind due to the cultural practices among African societies.

Initially the fund calls for alumni and friends to form an endowment fund from which interests contributes towards the scholarship fund. The funds endowed can be donated to the fund or can remain to be part of the donor’s wealth and the scholarship fund enjoys the whole interest or part thereof.

Supporting Scholarship Fund at SJUT 
The SJUT Scholarship Fund is our annual giving program, to better reflect our commitment to our students. You can help us do that by donating to our SJUT Sponsorship Fund. Every gift plays an invaluable role in the daily lives of students who will have a positive impact for the common good - in their communities, and throughout the walks of professions in the world.

  • Ensuring Access
    Support for financial aid makes a SJUT education affordable for motivated students from a variety of academic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Stewarding the Campus 
    From maintaining its historic buildings to meeting the technology demands of modern pedagogy, gifts to the University directly affect the living and learning experiences of our students.
  • Teaching & Research
    Providing support for collaborative research and experiential learning benefits students and increases their access to faculty mentors - both in and out of the classroom.
  • Caring for Students Academic Matters 
    Gifts to St John’s University of Tanzania help provide opportunities for students to learn and grow in academic matters and through participation in athletics or any of the society clubs and organizations on campus like Science Society, Environmental Club etc.
  • Opportunities to Give
    There are a number of ways you can support SJUT students and their faculty mentors. By working together, we can ensure that current and future students benefit from the same opportunities enjoyed by previous generations of SJUT students.

    Providing financial aid to our students is the University’s greatest priority. Your gift to the SJUT Scholarship Fund ensures that we will be able to continue to provide a top-quality educational experience for our students.

    Ways to Give to St John’s University of Tanzania
    Contributions and gifts can be deposited at our
    NMB account name: SJUT Sponsorship Fund, A/C No.5056600233 Mtendeni Branch, Dodoma.

    For further information, including how to become involved with the SJUT Alumni & Friends, contact:
    The Vice Chancellor
    St John’s University of Tanzania
    PO Box 47, Dodoma, Tanzania
    Tel: +255 26 239 0044 Fax: +255 26 239 0025
    Email: admin@sjut.ac.tz
    Website: www.sjut.ac.tz
    OR contact our
    Director of Planning and Development
    on email: dpd@sjut.ac.tz
    or call him on: +255 26 239 3321

Thanking you in advance for your generosity in forming part of the SJUT success!



The University seeks to be true to its founding principles, and to operate on Christian principles, but welcomes students and scholars from any faith or race.