KIYUMBU BAKARIFull name: Mr. Kiyumbu Bakari
Job title: Assistant Lecturer (specializing in communication studies); St. John’s University of Tanzania.
B. A. (Ed Hons,), MA Linguistics (UDOM)

Professional Profile
Kiyumbu Bakari started his career as a secondary school teacher. He taught English Language at Mawelewele Secondary School in Tanzania for six years (2011-2016). He then joined St. John’s University of Tanzania in October 2016 to-date as an Assistant Lecturer. He is currently involved in the project Language Supportive Teaching and Textbook (LSTT) in Tanzania as one of the researchers. This project focuses on language supportive pedagogy aimed at helping learners to cope with a foreign language used as a medium of instruction in secondary schools.

Bakari’s specialization and research areas Applied Linguistics; Language Teacher Education; Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language; Sociolinguistics; and Role of Language in Ecosystem Management.

Courses currently taught at St John’s University of Tanzania
CL111 Communication Skills I
CL112 Communication Skills II
CL001 Communication Skills for Science and Laboratory Science I
CL002 Communication Skills for Science and Laboratory Science II
DEB100 Debate and Public Speaking Skills I
DEB200 Debate and Public Speaking Practice II


1. Mafu S T A and Bakari K (2019) – Improve Your Study Skills: A Teaching Compendium for Communication Skills I – CL111, SJUT. Dodoma, Tanzania. 87 pages.