1. Cloud Computing Applications for Business
  2. Basic Training on SPSS
  3. Advanced Training on SPSS

A quick baseline study has shown that a large number of First year University students in Tanzania have never used a computer before. The same challenge has been observed at St John’s University of Tanzania. The Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) at St John’s University of Tanzania has developed, as part of its Community Engagement, an ICT Skills 4 Primary Schools (ICT4PS) project. Through this project, Primary School students around St Johns’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) have sessions every Saturday to come to the University Campus, Chief Mazengo Campus in Dodoma, and use Computer Labs for workshops and skills training.


  • Repair and maintenance of Computers, servers and Electronic Equipment/Devices
  • Repair and Maintence of Printers, Photocopier Machines and UPS
  • Installation of different Operating Systems (Windows OS, Linux OS, MacOS and Server's OS)
  • Installation of different Application Software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, SPSS, PSPP, Epinfo,Tally etc)
  • Design and Installation of Computer Network based on Structured network
  • Design, configuratiion and Installation of Network Firewalls using open-source and prorietary software
  • Design, configuration and installation of Electronic Learning Management System, Library Management System
  • Design and Maintenance of websites based on Content Management System (CMS)
  • Design and Maintenance of website based on design from scratch