Biology department is among the departments found in Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences at St John’s University of Tanzania. The Department is large with a lot of successes including having bigger number of students, well equipped with laboratory instruments and qualified Lecturers and Laboratory scientists and technicians.
The department offers different courses in form of modules built on core and optional biology courses in both aspects ie Botany and Zoology related courses. Botany courses include Plant Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to botany and Taxonomy. Zoology courses include Biology of vertebrates and Invertebrates, Vertebrate anatomy and Physiology. Other courses offered by department include Parasitological, Microbiology, Developmental Biology, Entomology, Biochemistry, Soil science, Environmental biology and Evolutionary Biology.
On the other hand, because our students are expected teachers (fresh from school) and in-service teachers, we offer Biology teaching Method course which will help them to conduct teaching and learning activities smoothly. Apart from that we also offer Research methodology course which will enable our student teachers to be good researchers not only in academic issues but also in applied scientific area.