DR. MAFUFull name: Dr. Safari Timothy Mafu
Job title: Senior Lecturer (specializing in Communication studies, Pragmatics, English Grammar, Sociolinguistics); St. John’s University of Tanzania.
Qualifications: Dip. Ed (Morogoro); B ED Hons. (University of Dar es Salaam); Post Graduate in Applied Liguistics (PG-AL – RELC Singapore, M Sc (TESP). Ph.D. (Aston University, U.K.)

Professional Profile
Safari Mafu started his career as Tutor at Tabora Teachers’ College (1979-80). Mkwawa Teachers’ College (1983-1986). He then joined Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) as Assistant Lecturer 1987. He worked at SUA for 29 years along the academic career path until he became Senior Lecturer. He held various leadership posts at the Sokoine University of Agriculture: Coordinator, Communication Skills Unit 1988-1997, Head, Department of Social Sciences 2002-2007, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science 2004 – 2007. In 2016 he joined St. John’s University of Tanzania. Currently, he is the Head, Department of English and Communication Studies, St. John’s University from 2017 to-date.

Safari Mafu’s main research interests are students’ academic writing and classroom interaction. He has published widely in the field of students’ academic writing, post-colonial language planning and policy, and computer-assisted problem based learning. He is currently involved in investigating the impact of communication skills courses on improving student communicative abilities.

Courses currently taught at St John’s University of Tanzania

CL111 - Communication Skills I

CL112 - Communication Skills II

LL121 - English Phonemic and Orthographic systems

LL214 - English Structure

LL317 - Pragmatics


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