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Book of Abstracts 2012-2018 ( PDF Document )

This book would not have been completed to this standard without the voluntary work of the following colleagues: Mr. Meja Kindimbo and Prof Philemon Lyoka for digging deep in the ten years old student archives. Prof Casmir Rubagumya and Dr. Safari Mafu for editing the English language and flow. Mr. Martine Jackson Kusekwa for type setting into a print version of the book manuscript.

This thematic presentation of abstracts per faculty/school presents a selection of empirical studies of Masters’ cohort who graduated from 2012 to 2018 at St John’s University of Tanzania. In general, the book shows areas much studied, least studied and forgotten areas too. It should serve as one of the reference sources for both students and dons towards gaining insights on research and how to use research towards transformation of our dynamic society.


S/No Abstract Title Programme and Year  Author
1 Assessment of the implementation of competence based curriculum of Kiswahili subject in Public Primary Schools: A case Study of Kongwa District Council, Tanzania MA Education, 2018 Mfundo Sylivester Chamwela
2 Assessment of the use of ICT in teaching and learning in higher learning institutions: A case study of St John’s University of Tanzania and the University of Dodoma in Dodoma city, Tanzania MA Education, 2018 Theresia M. Matunga
3 The usability of tablets in teaching and learning of biology: A survey of Christian Social Service Commission secondary schools MA Education, 2018 Lawrence John Sanga
4 Assessment of Geography textbooks’ contribution to students’ academic performance in
Dodoma City public secondary schools, Tanzania
MA Education, 2018 Witness Clemence
5 The Role of extracurricular activities on students’ development of entrepreneurship skills in Dodoma higher learning institutions, Tanzania MA Education, 2018 Rhoda Chanangula

 1 Influence of Organization Culture on students’ performance in Tanzania: A comparative study of Private and Government Secondary Schools in Dodoma Municipality, Tanzania. FOCB, 2017 Christopher Rweyemamu
 2 Employers’ views on the quality of Saint John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) education programme graduates and their implications for institutional quality assurance measures FOCB, 2015 Kundy Veronica
 3 Contribution of financial markets to economic growth in Tanzania: A case study of Dar es salaam stock exchange in Tanzania. FOCB, 2017 Joan T. Mbijili
 4 Factors contributing to the success of privately owned businesses in urban areas in Tanzania. A case of small and medium enterprises in Temeke Municipality. FOCB, 2017 Assey Gloria
 5 Rural society literate rate on commercial loan acquisition: A case of Matomondo Ward in Mpwapwa District at Dodoma Region, Tanzania. FOCB, 2017 Hamisi Dacian
 6 Factors for successful provision of mobile financial services in Mpwapwa District, Tanzania. FOCB, 2017 Raymond Nkya
7 The impact of internal control over cash misappropriations in Dodoma Municipal Council, Tanzania. FOCB, 2017 Arnold Sakalani
8 Factors contributing to the success of privately owned businesses in urban areas in Tanzania: The case of small and medium enterprises in Temeke Municipality. FOCB, 2017 Gloria P. Assey
9 Contribution of small businesses to provision of employment opportunities: The case of Dodoma Municipality, Tanzania. FOCB, 2017 Erius Marius
10 Analysis of the factors for credit risk in Tanzanian’s SACCOS: The case of Hazina SACCOSS in Dar es salaam FOCB, 2017 Mwansonjo Tunkete Ndabiti
 11 Effectiveness of integrated financial management system over budget and funds control by Local Government Authority (LGAS) in Tanzania: The case of Geita District Council. FOCB, 2017 Mtawa Ezekiel
 12 Effectiveness of audit on procurement contract management in Local Government Authorities in Tanzania: A Case of Chamwino District Council. FOCB, 2017 Martin Jidasaka Madalo
 13 Factors influencing late water bill payments among Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority customers in Dodoma Urban area. FOCB, 2017 Khalifa I. Ibrahim
 14 An assessment of casual workers’ rights in private organizations: A case of Dodoma Quality Form Limited mattress industry in Dodoma Municipality, Tanzania. FOCB, 2017 Benisya T. Mbilinyi
 15 Factors contributing to employee turnover in Local Government Authorities: The case of Dodoma Municipal Council FOCB, 2017  Chipole Mpelembe

 1 The paradox of women leadership in the Anglican Church of Tanzania: A case study of the Diocese of Dar Es Salaam. MA Theology, 2018 Elisha Lawrence Tendwa
2 Assessment of the Anglican Church’s role in poverty alleviation in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika: The case of Chamwino District, Dodoma Region, Tanzania. MA Theology, 2017 Alpha K Lugoley
3 Conflict and reconciliation in the church: biblical principles for solving problems: A case of the dioceses of Dar es Salaam and Victoria Nyanza, Tanzania. MA Theology, 2017 Philip Stephen Munguti
4 A critical assessment of women’s contributions in local churches: A case study of the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika MA Theology,  2017 Gershon Nghombola Maloda
5 Challenges facing youth in engagement, marriage and Christian life: A case study in the diocese of Mpwapwa MA Theology, 2017 James Paul Bendera
6 Evaluation of the effects of gender imbalance in church leadership in Tanzania: A case study of selected churches in evangelical Lutheran church of Tanzania in Dar-Es- Salaam Region MA Theology, 2015 Angelina B. Mwamakula
7 Challenges facing the Anglican Diocese in alleviating poverty among its congregation: The case of women in the in the Diocese of Tanga MA Theology, 2015 Komba, Edward Marti
 8 A probe into the causes of conflict in the Moravian Church of Tanzania:The case of Eastern Province in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. MA Theology, 2015 Mshani, Anyingisye Anyelwisye
9 Assessment of reproductive and child health services in dispensaries under Evangelical Lutheran church in Tanzania (ELCT) The case of Central diocese Iramba District, Singida Region, Tanzania. MACD, 2014 Ezekiel Gyunda
10 Christian approaches to environmental adversity: A biblical response to environmental degradation in Matui Ward, Kiteto District, Tanzania. SOTR, 2014 Maduma Samwel
11 The role of healing and exorcism prayers in the Anglican Church of Tanzania: A study On exorcism and healing prayers theology in charismatic groups of the Diocese of Dar-es-salaam. MA Theology, 2014 Marco Raphael
12 The effects of alcoholism on the social and economic life in rural areas in Dodoma, Tanzania: Message from the church towards combating poverty associated with alcoholism: A case study of Zanka and Manzase wards. MA Theology, 2014 Mathew Nghambi Ndekano
13 Dependency syndrome in the local churches: A case study of St Michael’s Church at Kongwa, Tanzania. MA Theology, 2013 George Yoram Chiteto
14 The role of the prophetic voice in the society today: A case study of Nzali Parish in Dodoma, Tanzania. MA Theology, 2013 Timothy Musa Chiboti