The Directorate of Graduate Studies (DGS) of St John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) was established in 2015 following a split of the formerly known the Directorate of Research Consultancy and Postgraduate Studies (DRCPGS). This resulted to the formation of two directorates, which are the DGS and the Directorate of Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Community Engagement (DRIC).

Among other aims, the Directorate of Graduate Studies was formed for the purpose of enhancing postgraduate studies and research for students as well as academic members of staff. Therefore, its establishment meant to give both graduate students and supervisors a sense of belonging to a meaningful scholarly community, among others.

The following are the major roles of the DGS;

  • Coordinating and administering researches for all graduate students,
  • Providing advice to graduate students on research priorities towards the fulfillment of SJUT Masters’ awards and National Development professional objectives,
  • Working as an outreach by providing a link or bridge between the University and the World of work through identifying research areas and courses that are relevant to the needs of industry, commerce, and professions etc.

Our Goal
The goal of DGS is "To increase the contribution of higher education in Tanzania’s endeavors towards attaining economic growth, reduction of poverty, and improved social wellbeing through increased access to higher education, technological innovation, and generation and application of knowledge and instilling Christian values.”

Our Vision
A distinguished directorate in academic research and graduate training in the region.


  • To coordinate, monitor and provide an enabling environment for quality graduate trainings, innovative academic research and communication of the research outputs;
  • To foster and manage graduate trainings and research in the university units by promoting cutting edge innovative, impact-oriented research and center of excellence to meet the changing needs of society and for sustainable development.
    Offered Graduate Programmes

Currently there the University has twelve (12) programs Accredited by Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). These include:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy
  2. Master of Arts in Education
  3. Master of Arts in Special Education
  4. Master of Arts in History
  5. Master of Arts in Community Development
  6. Master of Theology and Contemporary Issues
  7. Master of Science in Accounting
  8. Master of Science in Finance
  9. Master of Business Administration
  10. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
  11. Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning Management
  12. Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Currently, we are in the process of establish four (4) new graduate programmes which will be offered soon after fully complying with the regulations set by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). The following are prospective programmes intended to be offered.

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Palliative Care – School of Nursing
  2. Masters of Pharmacy- School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Studies
  3. Masters of Linguistics- Faculty of Humanities and Education
  4. Postgraduate Diploma/Masters of Science in Health Geography- Faculty of Humanities and Education


  Dr. Fadhili Charles Bwagalilo (Ph.D.)

Administrative Officer
  Mr. Meja Juma Kindimbo