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JULY, 2012  

Document Status:              FUNDRAISING PROPOSAL

Version Number:                2012 JULY - Ver.2.1

Short Description:             A fundraising event for construction of a hostel for                                             students with physical impairments

Project Coordinator:         Director of Planning and Development (DPD)
Created:                               17th July , 2012


Total Project Cost:             TZS 3,670,000,000/=
Request from Partner:      TZS 2,500,000,000/=
and Community
SJUT Contribution:           TZS 1,170,000,000/=


A Word from the Chancellor

The Chancellor of St John’s University of Tanzania is happy to inform you that the University has planned a fundraiser event for the development of a hostel for students with physical impairments. The Chancellor is requesting your contribution to the Fundraising Event. An event will be held at Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar es Salaam on Monday, 26th November 2012 from 14:00 hours to 17:00 hours. As for those who may not attend they can still contribute through our accounts as shown on the invitation cards.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!



Bishop (Rtd), Donald Leo Mtetemela


1. Preamble
St John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) is wholly owned by the Anglican Church of Tanzania (ACT) which was established in 2007 and started its learning and teaching activities on September 10, 2007 with about 800 students pursuing BA Education, BSc. Education, BSc. Nursing, B. Pharmacy, BA Theology w/Education or General Management, and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees with specializations in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing. Currently the University has a total number of 5,545 students with more than 40% in certificate and diploma courses. The University has only accommodation for only 688 students which is only 12.4% of the total number of students registered at the University.

2. Purpose

The existing facilities are of 2-to 3-storey buildings without special facilities for students with disabilities. The hostel will reduce the need for long distance movement after class for students.

The proposed project plans a hostel block that will have 200 rooms of 2-persons each, divided into 100 rooms for female students and 100 rooms for male students, making a total of 400 students.


3. Impact on the SJUT Community

The intended project of the construction of a hostel for the special needs students will provide more accommodation to Tanzanian students who are physically challenged. The project will increase the university’s accommodation capacity, and provide an example for Tanzanian higher learning education facilities. New hostel accommodation will help us in providing equal opportunity to all Tanzanians regardless of their physical abilities. SJUT is mobilizing staff, students and friends in Tanzania and abroad, to donate funds for construction of a hostel for students with physical impairments.




4. Specific Problem to be Addressed
The existing facilities are not user-friendly to students with physical disabilities. The buildings were inherited from a boy’s secondary school; most places have stairs, narrow doorways and no ramps for wheelchairs.

6. Why an Interest in solving the Problem
The University developed an interest in solving the problem of accommodation to most of the students enrolled at the University by providing conducive learning environment which includes availability of halls of residence within the campus or in a nearby place. SJUT wants to intervene the situation by mobilizing funds which can assist in the development of a residential hostel that can accommodate students.

Event goal

5. Event Goal
The University is soliciting for contribution aiming at raising TZS 2,500,000,000/= (About US$ 1,500,000). The total cost for the project amounts to TZS 3,670,000,000/=, (about US$ 2,300,000). This process will end with a fundraising gathering to be held on Monday, 26th November 2012 at Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar es Salaam.


8. Event Date and Venue
The fundraising will end with an event to be organized at Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar es Salaam on Monday, 26th November 2012.

7. Soliciting of Funds

Ways to Give to St John’s University of Tanzania

Contributions and gifts can be deposited at our:

Sterling Pound A/C at CRDB,
           Account Name: ST JOHN UNIVERSITY - £
           A/C No. 03J1082426400, Dodoma Branch

US Dollar A/C at CRDB,
           Account Name: SJUT DOLLAR ACCOUNT
           A/C No. 02J1081913400, Dodoma Branch

TZ Shilling A/C at CRDB,
           Account Name: SJUT–FUNDRAISING ACCOUNT
           A/C No. 0150218966300, Dodoma Branch

TZ Shilling A/C at National Microfinance Bank (NMB),
           A/C No: 50510002608, Dodoma Branch


You can also contribute through our M-PESA A/C NO. 111999 or get more information on the fundraiser through our hotline no. 0657 962676.



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